Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Gratitude

It's November, which has come to be really significant in our family - it is the birth month of both of our children. Yes, both in the plural sense.

I have been ridiculously absent in the blog world, but I keep my blog posted because, well, a part of me hopes that someone will run across it and glean some element of hope in her own infertility journey.

We went through with FET #1 in March, 2011. We had 3 frozen embryos, put back 2, and low and behold, were again successful. Our son was born 11.11.11.

I always say that our daughter (born 11/27/09), Lyla, was the cake AND the icing. I never expected anything beyond that in my wildest dreams. Our son, Cade, is beyond the entire cake - maybe the sprinkles or something. I still have to pinch myself that he's here with us.

He'll be one on Sunday. It's been an amazing year.

Infertility remains a defining moment in my life. The defining moment, actually. It's always with me, and it completely changed the course of my life's path. It's a positive for me in retrospect - but it was undoubtedly the hardest journey I've ever traveled.

Cade's first birthday makes me look at where we've been and it forces me to consider where we're going as a family. We have one more embryo, which we will put back sometime next year. It's an emotional thing to consider, but we're committed to giving that little life the same chance we gave the others.

I remain indebted to the blog world because it really helped me through some of my darkest days. So, this November I am thankful for not only the beautiful lives we have been entrusted with, I'm also grateful for every ounce of support we received along the journey, right here in cyberspace. It's so emotional to revisit everyone's stories and see the successes and to lament the ongoing struggles. Where there is energy and effort, there is hope. I just know it.