Thursday, December 18, 2008

Contemplations and Things

I really haven't disappeared.

Things I've Contemplated Since I Last Posted:

1. Where are we going to be with this by this time next year?

2. Why is it that I have the most beautiful, flowing cervical mucous at just the right time and still can't get pregnant? I just don't get it.

3. Why can't I get excited about the Holidays?

4. Is this seriously Cycle #26???

5. When will I start Lupron again?

6. Where are we going to be with this by this time next year?

Hoping against hope that this is the Golden-Ticket-Hail-Mary-Month.

So, how many more days until Jan. 2?

Postscript: Thanks for the tags - I just haven't had the energy to respond. I know if there's anyone in the universe who totally gets that, it's you all. Thank you for that.


Emily said...

Hoping for youe Golden Ticket!

No worries on the tags - just thinking of you.

Thanks for the sweet comment...

Hang in there - it's almost over.

Jane G said...

I hope all your dreams and wishes come true in the coming year xx

womb for improvement said...

The whole this time next year thing. It was fun at first, now when you are not one but this time in two year. Its shit. 2009, it has got to be the year.

Faith said...

Golden tickets would be nice, no? Hugs to you.

I Believe in Miracles said...

I hope all your dreams will come true in 2009. I'll be thinking of you on Jan 2.

Penny said...

Well next year I hope you have a new baby in your arms. I had beautiful CM output as well, and nada. Maybe that means all chemical things are functioning fine, it's just something physical preventing it. Which is sometimes easier to bypass with ol' IVF. Best of luck in the new year. Glad you haven't disappeared.

just me said...

It is January 2nd and I am thinking about you!! Hope this is the one! It is such a struggle to do this again and again and again, but the reward is incredible. I pray that 2009 is YOUR year!!!