Monday, November 10, 2008

Jumping Hurdles on Hormones Really Bites

Okay, so this is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

Frankly, this IVF hurdle thing is my own little personal version of hell. Just when you think that you've accomplished something, another hurdle appears in front of the one that just zapped all your energy. And, I'm living through all of this under the influence of drugs that make me weepy about absolutely everything. (Clomid might be evil, but these hormones are enough to make me wonder how I'm going to get through my next work meeting without tears streaming down my cheeks because my pen ran out of ink.)

So, ultrasound #1 is history. Since my clinic is two hours away, my OB-GYN offered to do my monitoring. While I was grateful to not have to return to the fertility clinic here in town (a place which I detest passionately), undergoing ultrasounds amongst the pregnant may not have been the best choice while these hormones are swimming around my body. Also, it took my doctor's office way too long to send results to the Clinic we're using, which really almost pushed me over the edge today. Obviously, I'm going to have to discuss that with someone there tomorrow to keep it from being an issue on Wednesday.

Nonetheless, results from the world's most thorough ultrasound tech (I've never had a longer ultrasound):

-14 follicles total - 4 are currently measurable (10, 10, 10 1/2 and 12).
-Estradiol = 90 (A little low, according to my RN. I'm wondering if this could be attributed to my extended time on Lupron and will be consulting with Hannah the acupuncturist about this tonight.)

And, of course, I am now obsessed with estradiol and have googled it at least 10 times in the last 2 hours. And, with that, my next hurdle was born: PLEASE INCREASE!!!!

On a positive note, as I was awaiting my ultrasound this morning, a pregnant woman sat down beside me and overheard my conversation with my RN I had to call from my cell phone. When I hung up, she asked if I was doing IVF with the Clinic. I said yes, and she said that she did as well. In fact, while her first fresh cycle was not successful, both of her children were the results of Frozen Embryo Transfers from her original cycle. In a word where I literally feel surrounded by the easy-breezy pregnant, it was nice to hear that this morning.

So, that's today's story. I have a completely renewed appreciation, respect and deep admiration for all of you who have gone through this IVF thing and lived to tell the story. I thought about each of you many times as I sloshed through this day.

Acupuncture tonight, more shots tonight, and tomorrow night. Next ultrasound Wednesday.

On to the next hurdle...


Faith said...

Hang in there. You WILL get through this!

musicmakermomma said...

Hey you are doing great! Glad you met someone who can relate - I'm sure that is really difficult going into the regular ob clinic. But to save 2 hours I'd do that too; maybe if you have some critical lab you could make the drive once in a while (besides the obvious times, of course). Good luck with the hormones and other IVF stuff!

Emily said...

You are getting there!

If there is one thing I have learned in these 3 cycles, it is to try and not obsess over numbers. It will drive you mad and try really, really hard to refrain from consulting Dr. Google too much. I know it is hard, but it is for your own sanity :)

Your number of follies sounds great and your E2 will get there! Did they increase your meds?

Ob/gyn office is tough!!! Yikes. I guess you could use all those pg ladies as part of a visualization excercise ;)!


Penny said...

You know, I would highly advise you not to pay attention your hormone #s. The eggs are key, and you have 14 of 'em, and the trust should be with your doctor, and really, that's extra stress that you can do nothing about!

So far so good. Good luck. I know it's horrible, jumping so many hurdles in a row.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best of husband and I have severe MF infertility and became pregnant on FET #1. I am now 6 1/2 months pregnant with our son. So hang in there, it can be hard, but it will be so worth it!

Hope2morrow said...

I love all the pictures you add to your posts.

Don't you just love acupunture?

Hang in there with the hormones. You will get through this, and hopefully with a bundle of joy at the end of it.

womb for improvement said...

Just keep reminding yourself, its the drugs.

Lea said...

Sending positive INCREASE thoughts! :) Hope Wednesday's goes better.

LANIE said...


SAHW said...

That's awesome you met a women who conceived through FET while at the OB...when I thought I was miscarrying, being surrounded by very pregnant women in the OB's office was pure torture, I honestly felt myself going crazy! Glad you had someone there to give you a reprieve. : )

I Believe in Miracles said...

Did they boost up your meds because your Estrodiol is low? Remember slow and steady. That's the goal.

I'm hoping u/s #2 goes well today. Sorry about the cliinc slowness. It makes me thankful that I can get to the hospital, get my blood drawn and be home in an hour.

I totally thought about that when I read your post -- FET hopeful that I am.

You can do it. You are stronger than you can even imagine just for getting this far.

Praying for you, hun.