Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hurdles and Shrinking Cysts

When we first decided to "do IVF", I mistakenly (and naively) thought that we would go through the process and quickly reach D-Day when we would receive a call from a nurse telling us whether or not it worked.

I was so wrong. I look back on that presumption now and realize how ridiculous it was.

I am quickly learning that IVF is a succession of hurdles, and making it to Transfer Day is a huge accomplishment by itself, regardless of the ultimate outcome of the whole thing.

Yesterday, Dr. A. granted us access to our next hurdle. The Incredible Shrinking Cyst (which by itself has added roughly $1000 to the pricetag of this whole thing) is now half its original size, so we can proceed onward.

Great news.

However, despite receiving news worthy of celebrating, L. actually had to stop me in the parking garage of the Clinic to remind me to take joy in this. It took my mind literally less than five minutes to frantically move on to the next worry.

This weekend I am concentrating on taking a moment to enjoy that we actually received good news yesterday. IF can be a journey of crushed hopes, friends who disappoint, slamming doors, mean nurses and quirky doctors, and it is so very important that Oct. 31, 2008 be recorded in our story as a good day.

Halloween 2008 was the day L. smiled as he looked at my "healthy ovaries" on the ultrasound, the day we were met with a warm, genuine nurse (we love our new Clinic), the day we were told that the Incredible Cyst was indeed shrinking, and the day that we learned we have "lots of nice looking antral follicles" to stimulate.

Ultimately, it was the day we jumped another hurdle together.

Stims begin next week.


learningtobestillandknow said...

That was a good day after all! Good luck with the upcoming visits! :)

Emily said...

I am so glad your cyst shrunk and you are on your way!

I start stims next week too, so we will be cycle sistas!

Have a good weekend!

AmyC623 said...

I'm so glad you cleared this one! I can't wait to hear more about the stims! I really hope you clear ALL the hurdles and win the race!

Penny said...

Stims are a terrible mindf'ck, but just remember that you don't need a perfect cycle to get pregnant. Perfect cycles do nothing but give you a false sense of confidence, which is enjoyable during stims, but crushing during the 2ww.

yay for the shrinking cyst!

womb for improvement said...

Nice one. You're getting there!

Lea said...

In IF it seems that the list of goals or hurdles is so long it is easy to brush past an accomplishment to take on the next worry. I'm glad your DH encouraged you to enjoy this victory. Lots of luck on your next one!!!

nancy said...

So glad you have jumped this one hurdle!

About the hurdle analogy, I totally used this one myself.

I ended up with way more hurdles than the ones I mentioned, but I'm proof positive that you have to just keep jumping!

Jane G said...

Good to hear that the cyst has shrunk. Best of luck with the next hurdle!

I Believe in Miracles said...

Small steps to a victory!! I know what you mean. I'm now petrified my cysts aren't going to go down so I'm going to have to wait again. Waiting sucks. But you know that.

Yeah for clearing hurdles. I'm so excited for you!!


LANIE said...

sounds great!!! waiting to hear some more great lanie

Faith said...

Jump, jump, my friend. We are cheering you on!

Cindy Nguyen said...

I agree with Penny, you don't need a perfect cycle to get pregnant. I've been told that a lot of BFP's come after a wild ride on the IVF rollar coaster.

Anonymous said...

This is such great news, I am so happy! Praying for you and L. daily. The letter from a few blogs back is a great idea.

Tea and cookies. :)

SAHW said...

It is indeed hurdle after hurdle, but I'm so glad you stopped to record and remember the success of the good day. Even now, I feel like I'm so caught up in making it to the next step, it's easy to forget to slow down and celebrate.

Best of luck with this cycle, I really hope it leads to success. :)