Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Progesterone is a Jedi Mind Trick

The last words of Suzie Angel Nurse keep ringing in my ears throughout this blasted two week wait (By the way, I'm convinced this woman was part of a Divine Intervention the day of our IUI. She was so perfect, I'm not sure she's actually human):

"Now, don't get too excited if you start having pregnancy symptoms this month. Progesterone is what the body produces when you're pregnant, so you might start feeling some things that make you think you might be, and I don't want for you to be disappointed..."

So, while AF is on hiatus, probably laying on a beach somewhere laughing her evil laugh, relishing the thought of resurfacing in our lives in a couple of weeks, the Jedi Mind Trick is here in full force.

Now, let me reitterate, I have NO idea what it would "feel like" to be pregnant. After all, the closest I've been to being pregnant in my 34 years was when I lost my virginity and spent the next 5 weeks obsessing that my period wasn't going to start.

However, this stuff is a crazy-making drug. I can convince myself (more easily than usual) that I'm feeling things I've never felt before, and that maybe, just maybe, this is it.

But, let's get real. AF is rolling over to get some sun on her ass about now, and she'll be ready to swoop in as soon as I throw in the towel with these suppositories.

On a completely unrelated note, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. One of the things I am most thankful for this year is all of you who take a moment to read my rants.

I don't know how I dealt with this beast of a disease before I discovered the blog world.

You all rock.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping all of us in the loop! Its therapeutic for all of us as well! Les, you are such an inspiration through your strength!
Have a great Holiday- The Belle

Emily said...

Ha! It is totally a jedi mind trick!!!
Yeah - I learned my lesson the hard way my first cycle. Evil, pure evil!
Love the AF analogy!

LANIE said...


AmyC623 said...

Progesterone is an evil whore! I'm thinking of you!!!

I Believe in Miracles said...

You have the greatest analogies, my dear. I can totally echo the closest to being pregnant thing - except I was a newlywed and forgot to take my pills consistently and woke up in the middle of the night wondering how we could handle a baby (I was in the middle of grad school)... wishful thinking!

And I can't imagine what I did w/o the blog world too. You rock!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Courtney said...

I know Progestrone is EVIL! It gets me every month! I think -oh Maybe this is it! HA HA! Like you said AF is just waiting to jump on you and knock you down once more!

I really hope there is NO AF for you and those thinkgs are real! GL!

Lea said...

I love the AF analogy! I am hopeful for you that the witch will take an extended vacation. :)

I am thankful that you choose to share with us. Thank YOU!

Penny said...

Stay sane this 2ww.

If googling progesterone symptoms, you can be sure to find 99% of other people who have experienced the same things you're experiencing, but it's that 1% of symptoms no one else has reported that gets your hope up. That 1% is the tricky stuff. There is no way of knowing though. Hang tight.

Faith said...

What a great post. You never fail to make me think or laugh -- this post did both. Happy Thanksgiving!

womb for improvement said...

Don't get too excited. But don't give up hope, just yet.

Happy thanksgiving and thanks for all your support too.

Alex and Jill said...

You crack me up!

Praying this is it for you. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Emma's Mommy said...

Hope you were able to enjoy the holiday. I am still praying and I so wish for you that AF decides she likes it on that beach and just stays there for an extended visit.