Friday, February 27, 2009

Entering the IVF Funhouse

The IVF Funhouse is a place where there are no answers - not until you finally get out, anyway. One stumbles in, wanders from one room to the next hoping for some direction, some "straightening out", only to be pushed to the next room where things are just as warped as they were in the room before.

It never fails, every time I go into these ultrasounds, I still believe somewhere deep down that I'm going to walk out with something definitive...which never happens in the Funhouse. You're perpetually told by Nurse Nightingales and Ultrasound Techs that you'll need to wait for the next phone call, the next bloodwork, the next ultrasound, etc., etc.

Our ultrasound today wasn't as bad as I thought. L., who has read an ultrasound or two in his time, said that my ovaries looked good - there were numerous follicles, just not big enough to measure yet. I feel a little better because per his medical opinion, my ovaries are nowhere near prunes yet (admittedly, I wonder if he would tell me if they were....).

In fact, I have two measurable follicles - both around 10.5 mm, with about 6-8 close in size, right behind them. E2=381. Not a huge number of follicles, but promising nonetheless. And, certainly more promising than the dark room I wandered out of on Monday.

So, the plan: another ultrasound on Sunday because Dr. A. is concerned about those 10.5'ers growing into the magic 13, which is when Cetrotide becomes a part of the med regimine. She doesn't want for me to ovulate early and wants to catch the magic window as soon as it gets here. Gee, I appreciate her attention to detail here.

Of course, in typical Funhouse Fashion, I am a little confused about whether this is good or bad - I mean at least we have two follicles who look like they're taking off, but I'm worried about them taking over and keeping the others from growing - which seems to be my pattern.

Who can tell?

No choice but to sit back and see what Funhouse Fun awaits us in the next room. Stay tuned.


Emily said...

Good analogy. Glad the appt was better today. GL over the weekend with monitoring!

Alex and Jill said...

I always love your analogies and pictures. :)

I'm praying for you guys and this cycle!!


Lea said...

At least make some funny faces while you are there! ;) Sorry you aren't any closer to knowing, but hopefully it's a good sign. I'm not sure either. Keeping good thoughts for you!

Megan said...

Thanks for your comment. This sucks. I just hate this crap. Good luck on Sunday.

learningtobestillandknow said...

I'm sending some baby dust your way for this cycle! It sounds like everything is moving along just beautifully!

Cassandra said...

Don't forget the horrible funhouse mirror that expands the midsection.

Good luck tomorrow and with this cycle!

womb for improvement said...

Wow that is tomorrow. Good Luck.

Angelwingsbaby said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment I always look forward to hearing from you.I am always here for you if you need someone. -Megan

Lauren said...

Oh good luck in the wait. Great that you have those two good sized follicles!!

callmemama said...

Good luck with tomorrow's ultrasound!