Monday, February 16, 2009

IVF: The Hard Sell?

On Monday I called IVF Clinic #3, an operation that just opened in town. The Clinic is new, an offshoot of a larger clinic about an hour away, poised to take over this City because the clinic here (IVF Clinic #1, whom we fired long ago) truly sucks. (Our Clinic is 2 hours away, and going there was a very calculated decision after much consternation and research).

I called the office manager simply to ask if this new Clinic would be willing to take care of my monitoring. My empty uterus is tiring of hanging out in the OB waiting room alongside at least 20 pregnant bellies, all belonging to starry-eyed fertiles anticipating their magical moment ahead with the vagina cam.

Clinic #3's office manager, Michelle, was more than happy to respond to my request.

Before I knew it, Michelle spawned into a female version of Herb of WKRP fame, trying to sell me a used car. She proceeded to insult my current doctor, insisting that it would be "so easy" to fire Clinic #2 and use her clinic instead for our IVF cycle.

Me: Well, I'm not sure how we feel about switching at this point in the game, and our Clinic has a really renowned reputation.

Michelle/Herb: You know, Leslie, you all have dealt with a lot of setbacks with this. Maybe it was all meant to be - we're up and running and would be much closer to you. Maybe you were meant to go through IVF with us.

Me: Again, I just wanted to talk about ultrasounds and bloodwork. And, my husband is working late tonight. I'm not going to make any decisions without him.

Michelle/Herb: Really, Leslie, I can get you in with one of our docs first thing in the morning. Let me go over our price list with you.

Me: Goodbye.

I hung up the phone feeling violated. What kind of an idiot do you think I am? We spent months researching Clinic #2, and yes, Nurse Nightingale made a critical mistake last cycle. But, how stupid (and vulnerable) do you think I am?

Okay, I may be vulnerable and infertile, but I'm not an idiot.

Needless to say, looks like we're sticking with the OB-GYN.

Seeing the shrink tomorrow, and looking forward to it.


Megan said...

Some times inertility clinics feel so yucky and business like. I am always afraid I am being taken advantage of. Good job on hanging up.

Lea said...

What a jerk! I'm glad you didn't go there. It makes it seem so cheap and seedy. Sorry you have to continue with the OB though.

womb for improvement said...

I'm surprised she didn't mention that any babies conceived with them would have a higher IQ and prettier eyes!

just me said...

I think "office manager" was the wrong title for her....sounds like she should be called the "sales manager". Sorry you had to go through that. Glad you hung up on her though!

Lauren said...

How obnoxious! I can't believe she had the nerve to try to coerce you into firing your current clinic. Good for you for saying good bye.

nancy said...

Bummer that the office manager ended up you forgoing the thought you had to get come monitoring somewhere else. It could have been a goot fit.

Faith said...

Yipes. That's so inappropriate. This lady really must not get it -- this is NOT a business to those of us going through it!