Thursday, July 10, 2008

Apparently I'm Light in the Belt...

....or so my British acupuncturist tells me. She actually suggested that I incorporate more protein and fat into my diet. And, she said that intense cardio (i.e. running) is a no-no, particularly if there are suspected ovulatory problems.

So, in essence, I guess if I go stuff chocolate ice cream in my mouth while laying on the couch watching Tila Tequila, I'll be pregnant in a flash.

Seriously, I really liked her, and she is going to work with me throughout my IVF, which statistically improves our chances. I guess this is my chance to learn to relax a little...that's what this whole infertility thing keeps coming back to...

Today's Highlights:

1. AF officially arrived. She never ceases to shock the hell out of me when she gets here, and I hate her more and more each month. I find that she is particularly brutal after a month of injectibles.

2. The following conversation with one of my staff, first thing this morning at work:

Me: Good Morning.

Staff: Hi, I have news I just know you'll love, and it's not work-related.

Me (cringing): Oh, really?

Staff: Yes, I'm pregnant! I don't want to get too excited yet....

The remainder of the conversation was me convincing her to phone her doctor to discuss her worries while trying to maintain a neutral facial expression as AF slowly began overtaking my body with cramps.

Well, I guess there is a silver lining to all of this - I'm on my period, and I've just been given official permission to devour a pan full of brownies. I'm off to gain 15 or so...


I Believe in Miracles said...

Leslie ---

Thank you. You are so sweet. I just caught up on some of your posts (I'd added your blog to my list, but then they all deleted and when I redid it I didn't have your blog for some reason). I'm glad I do now.

I'm so glad to see how God is using me -- I feel truly touched. But honestly, it isn't me. He deserves all the credit.

I cannot imagine what your day must have been like today. My cramps have been terrible lately. I've taken lots of advil for 2 days in a row. And the on top of have to be excited for someone when you aren't feeling it inside is really. really hard.

I wish I could give you a big hug. So here is a ***BIG HUG***

I pray that God can give you the comfort you need. I've been singing the song "Give Thanks" in my head all day (and some outloud) to remind me that there is a silver lining. Sometimes it (ok - most of the time) is hard for us to see the big picture. We ask all the "why me" questions, but don't get any answers. But God knows. And he is good.

On the lighter side... So if you want to gain some weight... can I give you my 15 lb I need to lose???


Penny said...

I so wish a diet full of brownies would be my key to pregnancy.

I find that my period sucks ass after injectibles too. It's loooong, too, that sucks!

familyoftwo98 said...

My PMS relief is Ben and Jerry's Phish Food. It does NOTHING to help the mood, but it helps the PMS!

I am sorry your IUI didn't work :(

CG said...

I so envy you right now for the weight gain therapy. I think you should be a real strong person to have had a pregnancy conversation with your staff. Good luck with this cycle.

Anonymous said...

Go devour a pan full of brownies, and better yet add ice cream and hotfudge. I know I have done it before! Sorry you are going through this tough time. I am thinking of you and praying for you and your husband.

courtney said...

I just found your blog, and I wish you the best of luck as you're journey-ing through this IF world. Eating is always good therapy (at least in my family!). Isn't it funny how the 2ww seems to be full of optimism, but the first two weeks in a cycle are more pessimistic? That has been my trend anyway. Are you doing another IUI next month? Good luck!