Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holiday From What's To Come...

I won't be posting for the next few days because L & I are taking a road trip. We're driving to Washington D.C. to hang out, have a few drinks and pretend we're that couple we used to know who actually enjoyed the freedom of a childless lifestyle.

I'm soooo excited about getting away for a few days and thinking about nothing relevant at all. I'm taking a holiday from the impending needles, evil Clomid and BCP (I cannot believe I'm going to be taking the pill again in a few weeks - one of IF's bitter ironies!).

Thank you all so much for your feedback about our "to tell or not to tell" dilemma. Still on the fence, but praying for resolution. We'll figure it out, but the important thing is that I feel so supported right now. It's amazing what that does for my mood state! I feel so blessed.

Clomid Challenge Update: Waiting for Day 1: AF should grace us with her presence in approximately one week!


I Believe in Miracles said...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation!! I love road trips. Good music. Good company.

Want to hear a fun thing hubby and I have been doing on them lately? Trivial pursuit cards. We guess answers. So far we've made 5/6. Not bad!

I'll miss you on your trip. But I hope you have a fabulous and awesome time. Try to just relax and not thing about all this ttc. It really honestly makes SUCH a difference. :o)

***BIG HUGS***

Penny said...

have a good trip!

womb for improvement said...

Good call with the road trip. I once heard a radio interview with a woman who said she wasted her 30s trying to get pregnant, everything she did, ate, thought about revolved around it. I'm determined to continue to have a life AS WELL as trying to conceive. Enjoy!

Hope2morrow said...

Hope you are enjoying your trip!

Emily B. said...

I just found your blog, cute title. We are also going through infertility. Its an awful experience.

Have a great stress free time on your little get away. You deserve it!!