Friday, July 25, 2008

Brangelina - Seriously?

I just have to comment on how ridiculous all this hullabaloo is about The Beautiful Ones. I admit, I am sometimes mesmerized by the gossip rags in the grocery check-out aisle, although this week I've sworn them off for good (I actually had a mini-breakdown Wednesday evening after running to the grocery and becoming overwhelmed by the glossy covers and beautiful faces proclaiming Hollywood's fertility).

And, now this! Brad & Angelina used IVF "because they didn't want to wait" for another child. Are you kidding me?

I mean, if indeed The Beautiful Ones suffered with secondary infertility, I empathize and wish they would just say so! This could actually be an OPPORTUNITY to advocate for those of us struggling with infertility!

I don't know, perhaps it's all just gossip, in which case, I have nothing more to say.

However, if it is true, I think those two really missed the boat. It's amazing to me that someone would willingly put themselves through enlarged ovaries, countless needles and ass bruising just because they can.

Give me a break!

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I Believe in Miracles said...

Leslie - Thanks for the info about your decision. They said something about getting two low swimmer samples that I could jump directly to IVF... it just seemed a little sudden to me... and so when you did 2 and then moved to IVF it seemed a little parallel to the track they might offer. It's reassuring to find it was a choice you made.

Onto this post -- I get so frustrated with celebs these days. It seems to be "all the rage" to have twins... so they all are having them. Isn't that just bizarre? I completely agree about why on earth would you purposely go through all the craziness of IVF just to have 2? That's just weird. Plain weird.

Thanks for the continued encouragement!!