Saturday, October 25, 2008

Green Tea, Moving Mountains and Stuff

My week in rewind:

Monday: Discover staff I supervise is 8 weeks pregnant. This info is through the grapevine, and I'm glad to have it so that when "the announcement" arrives, I can twist my facial expression into one of joy and bliss.

Tuesday: Send flowers to my "IVF friend" who had her bundle of joy 3 weeks early. L. called to give our congratulations, and after much consternation, I have decided to remain on the downlow for the time being. I have written a letter of explanation to her, which I plan to send sometime next week. It's been a difficult decision, but I am hereby avoiding situations which make me anxious and upset. The babyshower was enough.

Wednesday: I celebrated two weeks of no caffeinated lattes with the same thing I've been drinking for the last two weeks: green tea. I still haven't developed a taste for it but am determined to keep trying. My acupuncturist swears by it, and well, you know how I feel about my acupuncturist.

Thursday: I have dinner with friends who are not pregnant, have no children and seem to have no aspirations of getting pregnant. Refreshing.

Friday: I develop horrible cramps on my left side, which I am desperately hoping can be attributed to a cyst which has popped. I arrive at my appointment with Hannah the acupuncturist, and she tells me that if the pain doesn't subside, I may have to call my doctor. However, she proceeds to do some sort of magical treatment which has completely wiped away the cramps. I left there shaking my head, thinking that this woman is some sort of supernatural goddess who would certainly be able to move a mountain. And, even more miraculous, I think she's making my very scientific, modern-science-oriented husband think twice about Eastern medicine.

All in all, the week was long, arduous and grueling...I'm glad it's over. I do want to thank everyone for the ongoing flow of emails, cards, calls, texts and comments. It's amazing how uplifting each demonstration of support can be through this process.

Still waiting for Halloween - hoping to ditch the Lupron and move onto the good stuff (well, relatively speaking, of course).


Penny said...

The good stuff is so much more fun.

Doesn't green tea have caffeine? Not that it really matters a whole lot, especially in the lupron phase.

Good luck! Sorry your week was long.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

sounds tough and tiring.

Enjoy the weekend.

rgram962 said...

I'm sorry you had such a rough week but glad your pain went away. Hang in there!

I Love You!

womb for improvement said...

Sounds like a tough week, but also that it definitely got better as it went on (apart from the cramps but they seemed to get sorted), I hope it continues on an upward path.

LANIE said...

Glad you're feeling better. Much love, Lanie

Hope2morrow said...

What a week for you!

Ooh, the good stuff.... uh huh. Cheers to the good stuff.

I Believe in Miracles said...

What a crazy week!! That's nuts. Sounds hard too. I like the move mountains part. Anything is possible for God, right? I'm praying it was that cyst for you too. And you are one month behind me!!

Oh - thanks for having confidence in my cycle when I don't. It is so encouraging, I can't even express how much.

Faith said...

Sounds like a big week that you've handled with a great deal of grace.

Jane G said...

Hope things continue to improve for you. I'm starting accupuncture this evening, so we'll see if it does any good.

Best of luck for the next stage of meds.

Jill said...

I can relate to dropping the caffeine habit. I gave it up reluctantly with the hopes that it would help my endometriosis. Luckily it did help, because I was a serious coffee drinker!

I am keeping you in my thoughts...I know this is difficult, but I believe that you will get through this!